B P.B. Swammich announceS PartnerShiP Houston-based stationery company P.B. Swammich Designs has partnered with 1% for the Planet, a non-profit organization dedicated to sustainabil- Greeting Card Gazette G This P.B. Swammich (832/447-3015 or www.pbswammichdesigns.com) sympathy card combines a fine-art photograph with an uplifting quote by Robert Louis Stevenson. Suggested retail: $3.50. ity. At the end of the fiscal year, P.B. Swammich will choose among more than 2,200 organizations that belong to 1% for the Planet, all of which work toward promoting environmental causes, and donate 1% of the company’s revenue to the organization. “I want to do my part in preserving this wonderful world for my children and theirs,” says Debbie Lundeen, founder of P.B. Swammich. “It sounds trite, but so true. It has to start now. The best thing for most of us to do is support those who already have a plan in place to make the environment better.” The beauty of 1% for the Planet, says Deb- bie, is the collaborative effort between businesses of all sizes; whether your company is big or small, everyone contributes what they can to the cause. P.B. Swammich was founded in 2009 after Debbie, a former chemical engineer, decided to pursue her creative side. The mother of three combined her passions to start her design company, which creates greeting cards featuring exotic photography and inspiring quotations. The quirky name is based on her childhood love of peanut butter sandwiches and her son’s inability to correctly pronounce “sandwich” as a little boy. P.B. Swammich uses printers that are environmentally conscious during the printing process, and each envelope is made of 100-percent post-consumer waste recycled paper. In addition, each card is printed with eco-friendly vegetable-based inks. “Being in the stationery industry, I feel a moral obligation to be a good steward of natural resources whenever possible,” says Debbie. “Joining forces with 1% for the Planet seemed like a logical extension of that.” P.B. Swammich’s partnership with 1% for the Planet isn’t Debbie’s first foray into charitable causes. Since the company’s inception, P.B. Swammich has donated 5 percent of wholesale revenue to a charitable focus. Last year, the company donated to the Houstonbased Boys and Girls Country, which provides a secure home for children from families in crisis. In 2010, in addition to joining 1% for the Planet, P.B. Swammich is donating to Kiva, an organization that provides microloans to help foster entrepreneurship to people in need around the world. “P.B. Swammich will always have a charitable focus in addition to our 1% for the Planet commitment,” says Debbie. 1% for the Planet averages at least one new member a day and now has more than 1,200 members in 38 countries. Since 2002, 1% for the Planet has donated more than $50 million to its network of non profit environmental groups. “I believe that being a member of 1% for the Planet is a clear statement that P.B. Swammich Designs is committed to philanthropy and also deeply committed to making this world a better place,” says Debbie. “One of my goals is to make other companies in the stationery industry aware of 1% for the Planet and challenge them to join forces with P.B. Swammich Designs and become a part of the 1% network.” Circle 122 on the card for more information 34 GIFTWARE NEWS www.giftwarenews.com